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Content strategy: What our audience wants vs. what our audience needs.

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Professor John Lavine, with Northwestern University, IL, says “did you know that the more content you give people that they want, the more time they will spend on content that matters to you?”. Also, he says that “It-‘s Not Smart if It-‘s Not Strategic”

I think, there is a dilemma in here. Let’s think about a social issue among youth within a community: pregnancy in adolescents. If our goal is to reach that audience in order to provide them with information to prevent this issue, this give us an idea of which is the kind of content that this audience require.

By the other hand, what they want (and therefore, what is going to help us to engage  them) is, for instance, things about pop stars, fashion or music.

And, by the way, maybe that music through videoclips, has been actually one of the triggers of the sexual-centered behavior that lead young people to unexpected pregnancy.

Let’s remember: in this scenario the goal is to reach those who don’t want to be preachify (?) or taught, and not necesarily those who already realized that they are now in a big deal and there is not way back.

So, how do you guys think we could deal with this paradox? The example is very specific and certainly, there must be a lot of alternative content to deliver to this audience, but I believe that sometimes, is going to be very difficult to find a wide range of answers.

A. de la Cruz, who is studying a course from Northwestern University, wrote something I want to use to finish this post:

“Content can be somewhat daunting for marketers. I believe that good strategic content lies not only the data of the content performance but also psychological behaviors of the audience.

We can only assume what the audience need or want, however through studying psychological behaviors we can safely create a valuable strategy.

Want Vs. Need, there shouldn’t be a choice between them, rather there should be a cohesion of the both in terms of strategy. Identifying the need and presenting it in what the audience wants may prove to be a good strategy.”



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